Environmental Policy

Excelling in environmental performance

Rodos Palladium Leisure and Wellness has been an early adapter of green policies ranging from simple housekeeping practices to expensive high-end technological solutions. With the help of a well-planned and balanced environmental mix, we have skillfully managed to minimize our environmental footprint without having to compromise on the five-star quality of the accommodation or service provided.

Some of our environmental initiatives include:

  • Use of an intelligent building system that controls room and departmental temperature as well as monitors lighting, HVAC equipment, water and electrical load management, swimming pool water and indoor air quality. Building management is a solid way to step down on unnecessary consumption while providing us with great insight into each department’s environmental performance.
  • Use of a solar roof consisting of highly efficient flat plate thermal solar collectors that reduce thermal loads of air-conditioning units at the roof level of the building and generate hot water for solar air-conditioning through the use of absorption chillers of the world’s leading manufacturers. The excess warm water is then used to heat water for various other uses.
  • Use of a photovoltaic system with a peak power of 20 KW and hence capitalizing on solar energy while reducing electricity consumption.
  • Use of energy-efficient windows reducing the thermal gains caused by the summer insulation by up to 60%.
  • Use of tap economizers, intelligent taps with photoswitches and digital water pressure control to minimize water consumption.
  • Energy recovery of flue gases utilizing condensing recuperators, which are used later on to pre-heat water for the laundry.
  • Regular evaluation of every project’s results and an annual report suggesting initiatives for further improvements through everyday practices and innovative applications.
  • The hotel has been certified with the Green Key (Foundation for Environmental Education – FEE), and the Blue Flag.